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Reduces recoil by 47% for superbly comfortable shooting.

The Comfortech System is the first and only patent in the world ableto change the rules of shooting, revolutionising the relationship between the individual and the gun and establishing new balances between weights and sizes, performance and ergonomics. Through the use of advanced technological means, state-of-the art materials and sophisticated calculation programs, specialist engineers and technicians have designed and constructed an integrated system made up of stock, recoil pad and comb, equipped with a high deforming capability and able to absorb part of the recoil force when fired. Made in technopolymer, the stock and fore-end is distinguished by the presence on both sides of 11 boomerang-shaped slots designed to make the stock more flexible and to create an important barrier against recoil.

Its geometry is designed to contain and absorb the firing impact before it reaches the shooter’s shoulder, offering comfort never experienced before. The grip and fore-end have the special Air Touch checkering, based on the aerodynamic shape of the small dimples that provide the hand with natural ventilation and allow a firm hold to be taken in any situation. The Comfort Touch treatment applied to the stock and fore-end, not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the shotgun, but also makes it extremely pleasant to the touch. The recoil pad and comb have a special anatomic form that maximises contact with the shooter’s shoulder and cheek, increasing the surface area in contact and reducing the impact when the gun is fired.

The material used is Technogel, a special gel developed exclusively for Benelli, the result of advanced research from industrialsectors in which the demand for absorption performance and distribution of the impact forces is paramount. Technology, design, research and innovation, these are the elements of the Comfortech System patent.COMFORT Comfort is the shotgun that pre-empts the next generation ofsemi-automatics: the guns designed and constructed to suit the shooter. Only 3 kg in weight for a shotgun devised following careful ergonomic studies. The Comfortech System is the heart of the shotgun: the only patent today able to offer superior shooting performance in terms of reduced recoil, muzzle climb, alignment and increased success in hitting the target with the next shot.

The recoil pad is the result of a careful study of the human anatomy aimed at increasing the contact surface on the shoulder for a wider and more even pressure distribution. The highly deforming comb is able to absorb the vibrations transmitted to the hearing apparatus. Innovations that combine with more and more accuracy in the tolerances of the tried and tested inertia system, increasing stability and control when firing. The result is a lightweight and well balanced gun that is manageable and quick on the shoulder, which in comparison with competitive models gives a 47% reduction in recoil peak, 32% less uplift and up to a 34% reduction in the time needed to fire the second shot.