Benelli Belgium


Vinci Camo Apg - HD

Benelli’s Vinci Advantage Max 2 camo shotgun can be stripped down without tools, even on the hunting ground. Its three main parts (stock, barrel and receiver) can be detached in just a few seconds. In the Vinci Advantage Max 2, because there is no tenon, the barrel is free-floating and rigidly secured only to the receiver. It therefore functions in perfect alignment with the new Vinci inertia system. The entire bolt movement cycle is precisely aligned with the barrel to ensure perfect force distribution, impeccable handling and minimal muzzle climb on firing. Perfect balance for a level of shooting accuracy never seen before.

Technical details

Gauge: Ga 12-3"
Stock and fore-end: Technopolymer Camo
Recoil pad: Interchangeable anatomic AirCell polyurethane
Chamber: 76 magnum
Mechanics: Vinci Inertia System
Receiver: Technopolymer
Comb: Interchangeable, anatomic in elastomer
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 365 mm / LH and RH adjustments
Drop at comb: 39 mm
Drop at heel: 60 mm adjustable at 50-55-65
Weight: 3,150 g. approx. with 26" barrel and Comfortech Plus stock
Magazine: 3 round 12/76 and 12/70
Safety: Front transverse with red ready to shoot signal
Trigger guard: Ergonomic technopolymer
Trigger: Removable; trigger weight from 20 to 28 N; reversible, transverse safety; automatic anti-repeat device, automatic locking device to prevent firing unless the bolt is fully retracted; magazine cutoff
Sight: Fluorescent red


Technologies used by this shotgun: In-Line Inertia Driven System, Comfortech Plus, Free Floating Barrel