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The three circles

Concept guns 2010

Benelli once again beats all expectations with this year’s wildly colorful Concept Guns. Drafting along renowned Austrian artist, Jorrit Tornquist, Benelli has transformed three of its popular ARGO/R1 rifles into incredible works of art blending hues and textures into unpredictable patterns of color and light. The masterpieces, over two meters in diameter, draw the eye into an unexpected dance between the focal point (the rifle) and its bewildering surroundings creating a novel visual experience is both hypnotizing and disconcerting.Mr. Tornquist has drawn on his considerable talents as a color expert, biologist and a keen observer of nature’s nuances in order to create the optical illusions and transformations that make this year’s Concept Guns the most visually stunning yet.

The Benelli ARGO/R1 concept rifle is saturated with the presence of all color making the rifle black. As it spirals, its colors dissolve into a rainbow to create the illusion of rotation. The background target, created by rings of light and dark, in the pattern of a leopard’s pelt, offers the allusion of softness—the kind of softness only found in nature.

Is it the rifle that creates the shadow or the shadow that creates the rifle? The shadow of the rifle dances on a backdrop of colored feathers, joining with the shadow of an eagle representing the dichotomy between science and mysticism. The culmination of the art comes alive with movement as the viewer focuses on the eagle’s eye.

The background creates an illusion of a spherical mass, while the color of the rifle blends into the background producing a play of optical illusions thus, giving the appearance that the rifle is smaller in volume. The shape of the three-dimensional rifle flattens against the background that now appears to be convex to the viewer’s eye.